Behind The Brand

Our Mission at ASLAN™ is to be the go-to brand for sensitive skin, temporary or permanent, for whoever, wherever.

We have a deep understanding of sensitive skin, along with the frustration and anxiety that often comes with it, focusing more on skin reactions instead of the results the products could actually deliver. That is why we put formula first, always, to deliver formulations designed to build the resilience of your skin and defend against the common signs of skin sensitivities, with visible results, keeping it simple, humble, effective, affordable and trustworthy, striving to make a positive change in customers' lives. This is what we work towards every single day

Product Innovation

We create uncomplicated and effective skin essentials with sensitive skin in mind that use a combination of natural ingredients and skincare technologies, proudly formulated and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

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Great results without the irritation.

We understand the skincare industry is crowded with products that can often cause or worsen skin sensitivities, or expensive products that rarely offer what they promise and often use elaborate terminology, making it feel next to impossible to finding a line of products that simply delivers great results and zero irritation. We’re here to change that. ASLAN is committed to innovation, affordability and consumer satisfaction, helping them become the best version of themselves.

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Get the results you deserve, without the irritation.

You provide the commitment, we'll provide the results.

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